Alexandra & James I Wedding day

ianuarie 11, 2023 admin

Alexandra & James I Wedding day

Wedding Photography

Alexandra and James had always dreamed of having a beach wedding, and when they found the perfect location in Constanta, Romania, they knew it was meant to be. As their wedding photographer, I was excited to capture all of the special moments of their big day.

The morning of the wedding, I arrived at Alexandra’s hotel room to find her and her bridesmaids getting ready. The room was filled with laughter and excitement as they put the final touches on their hair and makeup. Alexandra looked absolutely stunning in her white gown, her long hair flowing in loose waves down her back.

We headed to the beach, where the ceremony was set to take place. The sun was shining and the sand was soft beneath our feet as we walked down the aisle. James looked dapper in his tuxedo, his eyes shining with love as Alexandra approached.

As they exchanged vows, the waves of the Black Sea crashed behind them, providing a beautiful and serene backdrop. I snapped shot after shot, capturing the love and emotion on their faces.

After the ceremony, we took a few formal photographs with the bridal party and families, and then it was time to party! The reception was held in a beachfront restaurant, where the guests danced and celebrated into the night.

It was the perfect day, and as I edited the photographs in the days following the wedding, I couldn’t help but smile at all of the beautiful moments I had captured. Alexandra and James’s beach wedding in Constanta was truly a dream come true, and I was grateful to have been a part of it.

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